About Ravi TEJ

Hi, Welcome to my world.

Hi I'm Ravitej aka TEJ.

I'm here to help,

I'm on a Mission to help 100,000 people become physically & Mentally Fit.

     Finding my Purpose

I was born and bought up in a  conservative Middle class family just like most of you.

My dad worked as a Clerk in Karnataka govt and mom a smart housewife.

Was a good student in school and college. 

Played in School and College cricket teams . 

Just like most people i started the rut race after studying Engineering.

Why did i study Engineering? NOT SURE. May be I wasn’t interested in Medical so 🤔

Started working in 2011, Was i passionate ? NOPE

Do you see a pattern now ?

I wasn’t having any PURPOSE till now.

As life went on  in a mundane pase , i gained close to 30 kgs FAT. I was whooping 96.3 kg.

I used to live in Bangalore during that time and i  travelled daily from white-field to HSR layout via Outer ring road.

I clearly remember, that day travelling on Honda Active around 7 pm evening, in that heavy traffic.  I was so tired that i was Falling Asleep On Bike!!! 

I had to stop the bike and wash my face to wake myself from that drowsiness. 

It was the worst state i was in my life.

Pretty soon i was diagnosed with Fatty Lever and High BP. I was only 27 !!!

That was the time i sat with myself and asked some tough questions.

This is how i used to look that time !! Damn.

I was a new person after this Transformation. And i understood Fitness is a Life Long Journey.

I became a Life long Learner and got my Personal Training Certification from “American Council of Exercise”

I believe that there are 2 most important days in our life.

  1. Day we are Born
  2. Day we realise, why we are born.

Got my Purpose of my Life. 

I’m on a MISSION to help 100,000 people transform physically and mentally. PERIOD !!!

I really look forward to connecting with you and doing my best to help you reach to your fitness goals.

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