10 steps to Overcome Obesity

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# 1 : Goals
       Action goal
       Result goal 

# 2:  Re-program your mindset
       Understand Patterns and change them.

# 3 : Get some small win
       Set small goals which are very much achievable and increase your belief in yourself.

# 4 : Perfection syndrome
       Don’t wait for perfect Equipment, gym, shoes , day etc to start. Just start today and continue to scale up

# 5 : Surrender to a Coach & one system for next 180 days
       It takes time and patience

# 6 : Follow an Accountability system
       Find an accountability partner or group

# 7 : Consistency
       Generate momentum only when you are consistent in your actions

# 8: Change your Lifestyle
       Than you will be Fit for lifetime
       Don’t just look for a quick fix

# 9: Hydrate Well
      1L/20kg body weight
      Filtration through Kidney is efficient when body is hydrated.

# 10: Movement is Medicine
       10K steps Walkathon


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